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Y News: Tuckey Town Challenge 2.0 Coming in June!

The Tuckey Companies have been partnering with us for seven years to present lots of fun, free family events through our Healthy Family Home Series.

Last year we debuted the Tuckey Town Challenge to get families moving, interacting in a variety of ways and having fun during their time at home. The challenge also helped to support our local businesses during a very difficult time.

Even though businesses have reopened and restrictions are being lifted as more and more people get vaccinated, we still haven’t been able to hold many of the Healthy Family Home events we have in the past. So we have decided to offer the Tuckey Town Challenge 2.0 in June!

Just like last year, we are asking families to record videos or photos as they complete challenges in six different categories: Keep It Local, Let’s Get Physical, Entertain Us, The Great Outdoors, Get Your Creative Juices Flowing and Be a Good Neighbor.

We have offered a few suggestions of activities for each category here, but really the ideas are limitless. We just ask you to remember that this is a family challenge, so please keep all posts G-rated.

To kick up the challenge a notch, we are adding Bonus Challenges from the Photos Scavenger Hunts we hosted as part of Carlisle Summerfair. You can find the challenges here.

We created a Facebook Group where you post your videos or photos or you can email them to Marketing Director Michelle Bell at Please note that you need to make your posts public on the Facebook event in order for us to be able to see it. And please have the same person post each time for your family so it is easier to track.

Every family that completes at least 10 challenges—1 in each of the 6 categories and 4 bonus challenges—will be entered for a chance to win one of five $100 gift cards to local businesses!

One of the things we learned during quarantine was that sticking together can get us through anything.

So get out there and create memories that will last a lifetime. And then share those memories with us so we can all see the good that is happening–and continue to help the small businesses in our community.

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