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Tuckey Town Challenge

We are excited to team up with the Tuckey Companies to get families moving, interacting in a variety of ways and having fun during their time at home.


Post a video or photo of your family completing a challenge in any of the categories to the Facebook event page. The same person must post the photo/video every time for tracking purposes. And please mark it as a public post so we can be sure to count everyone’s submissions. You can choose one of the activities suggested or come up with another activity that fits the categories. This is a family contest, so please keep all content G-rated.

  • Keep It Local – Post a photo or video with take out that you ordered from a local restaurant, bakery, ice cream shop etc., or with anything you bought from a local business. Be sure to tag the local business in your Facebook post.
  • Let’s Get Physical – Post a photo or video of your family going for a walk or run, doing a bodyweight workout together at home, riding bikes, hula hooping, etc. It could even be a way you make household chores fun or bring your favorite board games to life (i.e. Hungry Hungry Hippos). You have lots of options here.
  • Entertain Us – Post a video of your family singing or dancing to stay active. This could include TikTok videos, carpool karaoke, re-enactments of your favorite movie scene, stand-up comedy routine, thank you notes (like on Jimmy Fallon), doing the Y-M-C-A or any number of other artistic challenges. Get creative!
  • The Great Outdoors – Post a photo or video of a project you complete together outside. This could range from gardening to chalk art to a scavenger hunt to family time around a campfire. The possibilities are endless.
  • Quarantine Creations – Post a photo or video of something you created together as a family. This could range from a craft, to a healthy meal to a home renovation project and anything in between.
  • Be a Good Neighbor – Post a photo or video of your family performing a humanitarian or kindness act. This could range from donating items to a local non-profit, helping a neighbor with yard work, picking up trash in your neighborhood, etc. Anything you can do for the good of the community works here.

All families who post at least 10 different photos/videos and have at least one post in each category will be entered for a chance to win one of five $100 gift cards to local businesses. The challenge will run through April and our random winners will be announced on May 1, 2020.

Thank you to the Tuckey Companies for sponsoring this challenge as part of the 2020 Healthy Family Home Series.


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