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Martial Arts

Learn how to use your strength effectively, maintain cardiovascular fitness, improve flexibility and coordination in Martial Arts classes at the Carlisle Family YMCA. Embracing the mental and spiritual element of martial arts improves the mind’s focus and helps develop self-control, build confidence and manage stress. These classes focus on instilling values such as discipline, self-awareness and developing an ability to put mind over matter.


Also known as the flexible art, Ju Jit Su is a system of self-defense moves employing empty hand skills, grappling, throwing and restraints. Participants pay monthly and may join the class at any time. Click the button below to register.

Ages: 13 years old and up

Member Fee: $30 / month

Non-Member Fee: $50 / month

Location: Y's Men's Room (3rd Floor)

Schedule: Saturdays from 8-9:30am


One of the most famous branches of Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi is characterized by its slow, fluid movements. Many think of Tai Chi as meditation in motion. We offer Tai Chi Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7-8am in the Prescott Room. You do not need to pre-register and this class is free for members ages 13 and up.


Chi Kung (Qigong) is an ancient Chinese system of coordinated body posture and slow movement, breathing and meditation used to improve flexibility, balance and health. It is a very gentle method that is accessible for a wide range of physical disability to ability. Chi Kung is held on Wednesdays from 8:05-8:50am on Wednesdays. You do not need to pre-register and this class is free for members ages 13 and up.

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