Water Fitness

Please note that space is limited in all classes and registration is required.

Water fitness is an ideal form of exercise for all ages and utilizes the buoyant qualities of water to increase physical strength and endurance without putting stress and strain on your joints. You must pre-register for all classes through the schedule on our website or mobile app. Members age 13 and up can take any of our water exercise classes. Here is a sampling of our current classes:

  • Wet ‘N Wild – High energy class for total body conditioning! Primarily uses shallow water.
  • Arthritis Water Exercise – This class will help you gain range of motion in your joints as well as build strength in all major muscle groups. Some cardiovascular conditioning included.
  • LaBlast Splash – Ballroom dance in the water. You will have the same fun you experience in the land version of this class, but specially adapted for the water. This format is a fun and safe way to experience even the most physical dances (i.e., lindy hop, waltz and quickstep) without the soreness! This class will use all musical genres and no experience is necessary.
  • Deep Water Ex – High energy class for total body conditioning! Primarily uses deep water.
  • Strive to Thrive – No matter your present physical skill level, you can STRIVE for better flexibility and overall health in the water! This class offers aerobics to improve breathing and heart rates, hand buoys to strengthen arm/shoulder muscles and deep-water activities to tone leg muscles and tighten abdominals. Isn’t it time for you to THRIVE?
  • Get Wet & Sweat – Get Wet & Sweat begins with stretching and slowly getting your body warmed up to begin the aerobic workout in the shallow end of the pool. You can make the workout as easy or challenging as you choose. No need to get your face and/or hair wet unless you want to. The second part of class takes place in the deeper water. Participants can use a pool noodle and/or an aqua jogger (flotation device) in the deep water or remain in the shallow end. After completing the aerobic segment in the deeper water, participants return to the shallow end for a cool down that includes stretching.

Age: 13 years old and up

Member Fee: FREE!!

Location: Carlisle Family YMCA Indoor Pool


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