Water Fitness

Please note that space is limited in all classes and registration is required.

Water fitness is an ideal form of exercise for all ages and utilizes the buoyant qualities of water to increase physical strength and endurance without putting stress and strain on your joints. You must pre-register for all classes through the schedule on our website or mobile app. Members age 13 and up can take any of our water exercise classes. Here is a sampling of our current classes:

  • Wet ‘N Wild – High energy class for total body conditioning! Primarily uses shallow water.
  • Arthritis Water Exercise – This class will help you gain range of motion in your joints as well as build strength in all major muscle groups. Some cardiovascular conditioning included.
  • Aqua Yoga – Participants perform yoga on a floating mat in the pool. The floating mat provides a unique, unstable environment that encourages participants to engage core muscles and improve balance while sitting, kneeling or standing.
  • Splash ‘N Gab – This ½-hour class allows participants time to stretch and chat. Pre-registration is not necessary as it is geared towards people who want to stay late after the 8am class or come early for the 9am class.

Age: 13 years old and up

Member Fee: FREE!!

Location: Carlisle Family YMCA Indoor Pool


Questions? Contact:

Tara YoungAquatics Director
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