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A new, automated, personalized and full-body strength-training experience in less than 30 minutes. With just the swipe of your RFID band, each smart machine auto-adjusts to your body and sets your reps, speed and resistance settings to optimize your workout. The smart machines record your progress, regularly measure your strength and adapt your weights automatically to suit your training objective. EGYM is included with your Carlisle Family YMCA membership!


Easy: No need to remember seat settings, weight or range of motion; tap your band and train!
Personalized: Strength test to determine your proper training weight, individualized to you.
Effective: Customized plans to maximize benefit; efficient use of workout time to optimize work and rest ratios; one circuit takes about 10 minutes to complete a full body workout.
Fun: Just sit down and collect coins; compete against others for points; climb higher levels

  1. Call or stop by the Welcome Center to schedule your FREE orientation
  2. Meet with a Y Fitness Department staff member to get an understanding of the EGYM circuit, get your RFID band and get set up on each piece of equipment
  3. Always start the circuit at machine number 1 and follow the numbered order of the EGYM Smart Strength training machines
  4. Train during the ORANGE PHASE
  5. Clean and change machines and rest during the BLUE PHASE
  6. Have fun!

Forgot your band or grabbed the wrong one? See a Fitness Department staff member or go to the Welcome Center for a temporary band.

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