Y TalkCombatting Nature Deficit Disorder by Brittany Rose

As Camping Services Director here at the Y and as a parent, it’s sort of scary to me to think that nature isn’t part of the daily routine for students of all ages, or for younger adults and parents as well.

Y NewsGet Your Kids Outside by Brittany Nissley

There are so many positives that come with being outside and enjoying the sunshine, especially for little ones.

Y TalkHabits + Intentions = Lasting Change by Justin Rose

When we have no opposing habit formed, and we have a strong intention of making a change, we have a very high likelihood of turning that action into a habit.

Y TalkThe Strange Glowing Ball in the Sky by Michelle Bell

Continually thinking about how much you don't like winter only makes it more likely you’ll feel sad as the season progresses

Y TalkTransitioning Back to Work after Having a Baby by Brittany Nissley

Common feelings for mothers returning to work after maternity leave may include guilt, relief, stress and exhaustion.

Y TalkStinky Potatoes and DIY Projects by Brittany Rose

I am grateful for the willingness of those students to push through and do something great for the community and to give back to many of our friends or families that might use Project SHARE on a daily basis.

Y TalkThis Giving Tuesday, Give of Yourselves by Cate Mellen

On Giving Tuesday, however, Americans are encouraged to turn their attention away from consumerism and towards philanthropy, and to donate to non-profit organizations in their community or beyond.

Y TalkGhouls, Ghosts and Generosity by Justin Rose

During Community Day the Y opens our doors and shares all that we have with the community at large. Friends, family and neighbors all are welcome and the generosity of the staff and members is amazing.

Y TalkDon’t Forget the Small Muscles by Jay Cattron

Most of us don’t bother paying attention to the small things that happen day to day, hour to hour or minute to minute. We just focus on the big events or milestones.

Y TalkThe Y Is a Magical Place for Kids of All Ages by Cate Mellen

For children like my niece, the Y is a magical place—it’s a place of freedom and adventure, where they can try new things.

Y TalkA Well-Deserved Thank You for a Great Coach by Isaiah Bell

Let me just start by saying that (Carlisle Family YMCA Aquatics Director) Tara Young is the best coach anyone could ever have.

Y TalkApparently I Was Wrong about the Deer by Michelle Bell

Before I got hurt I was really struggling to enjoy running. Maybe this injury was meant to make me appreciate it again. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Only time will tell.

Y TalkCamp Thompson is the Greatest Place on Earth by Hunter Goodhart

I can honestly say working at Camp Thompson is the greatest job I’ve ever had or ever will have. Knowing you are changing a kid’s life in a positive way is the greatest feeling ever.

Y TalkFamily Engagement in Schools by Brittany Nissley

Parents and teachers that work together as a team tend to have children that are more successful in school.

Y TalkLive Each Day Like It’s Friday by Justin Rose

I am reminded of how powerful our minds can be and how lucky we are to have the ability to change our perspective in the midst of the most adverse situations.

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