Y TalkLIVE UNITED by Cate Mellen

Every fall, our staff is eager to participate in our United Way workplace campaign. We see every day the impact that the United Way has on our community

Y TalkLetters Home from Camp by Brittany Rose

During our last week of Camp Thompson Resident Camp I asked some of our campers to write letters home and tell their parents about the experiences they have at camp.

Y TalkFinding the Fun in Hard Work by Justin Rose

Not only are they finding the fun in the work, they are doing the work that matters most. Hard work turns into fun work when what you are doing makes a difference.

Y TalkIt’s Time to Focus on Keeping Children Safe Around Water by Tara Young

Research shows that participation in formal swimming lessons can reduce the risk of drowning among children. But in addition to learning lifesaving water safety skills, children can increase their physical activity by swimming.

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Y TalkHop the Gap! by Cate Mellen

Solutions to childhood obesity, lack of physical activity and food insecurity require difficult lifestyle changes. Teaching healthy habits is at the heart of how the Y supports the development of over nine million youth annually.

Y TalkNo Need to Separate Work and Play by Justin Rose

I have found that those that are the most successful in life are not the ones that can separate work and life, but those that can combine their life and their work into their life’s work.

Y TalkResolution Checkup by Michelle Bell

But what I have learned almost three months into this resolution is that silencing my phone and taking time away with the people I love most has recharged me in a way I didn’t realize was possible. And now I see how essential that is for my personal well-being.

Y TalkIt’s Time to Think about Summer Camp by Brittany Rose

Summer camps aren’t one size fits all. When choosing a summer camp for your child, it’s important that you choose the right camp to fit your camper’s needs, interests, goals and energy level.

Y TalkBeat Those Winter Blues by Brittany Rose

Don’t allow these extended weekends due to snow days, and long cold nights get the best of you and your family. Stay optimistic and charged with these ideas for your family to stay active and engaged these last couple of cold weeks.

Y TalkWhy I Give by Cate Mellen

I give to the Carlisle Family YMCA because I’m investing in my community, and providing a brighter future for our children.

Y TalkNew Year’s Resolutions by Michelle Bell

As I reflect over the past year and look forward into 2015, I begin to toss around some ideas for a New Year’s resolution or two for the coming year.

Y TalkBuilding Skills for the 21st Century by Justin Rose

I’m always surprised when I see the impact camp can have on youth in plain black and white. I always wonder if others can see what we see as counselors or staff when kids come to camp and leave transformed.

Y TalkExtra Thankful This Year by Brittany Rose

This is my favorite time of year, where special days are completely devoted to family and loved ones we don’t get to see often. We get to share some laughs, good food and remind them our loved ones how much we care about them.

Y TalkA Special Counselor-Camper Bond by Brittany Rose

It’s that “proud parent” moment that keeps campers and counselors bonded in that special unique summer camp way. Thank you, parents, for sharing some of your child’s special experiences with our counselors.

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