Photo & Video Policy / Etiquette


The Carlisle Family YMCA is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment for all members and guests. To ensure the privacy, comfort and security of everyone in our facilities, we have established the following photo and video policy:

Video Surveillance:

The YMCA utilizes video surveillance technology in open/public areas of our facilities to enhance safety and security. Cameras are not installed in private areas such as locker rooms or restrooms to protect the privacy of individuals.

Personal Photography and Videotaping:

Personal photography and videotaping are allowed within YMCA recreation facilities, excluding restrooms, locker rooms and program spaces (childcare/camp/swimming/etc.). Personal photography refers to capturing media of friends and family informally for personal and private use only. It is important to be mindful and respectful of others’ privacy and comfort when taking photos or videos.

Commercial Photography and Videotaping:

The use of personal photography and videography for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited within YMCA premises. This includes any photography or videography intended for promotional, marketing or monetary gain.


At the Carlisle Family YMCA, we value the privacy, comfort and enjoyment of all members and guests. We allow personal photography and videotaping within our recreation facilities, excluding restrooms and locker rooms, for capturing informal moments with friends and family for personal and private use. To maintain a welcoming and cohesive environment, we kindly ask that you follow these etiquette guidelines:

Respect Others’ Privacy

Always be aware of your surroundings and considerate of others’ privacy when taking photos or videos. Refrain from capturing individuals who may not wish to be included in your media. If someone expresses discomfort or politely asks not to be photographed/recorded, please honor their request.

Be Mindful of Personal Space

Maintain an appropriate distance from others when taking photos or videos to ensure their comfort. Avoid interfering with ongoing activities, classes or events. Remember that some individuals may prefer not to have their personal space invaded or be photographed/recorded during their workout or recreational time.

Use Discretion with Cell Phones and Wireless Devices

If you decide to use a cell phone or wireless device for photography or video recording outside of restricted areas, please do so discreetly and quietly.

Share Responsibly

If you choose to share your personal photos or videos captured within YMCA facilities on social media or other platforms, be mindful of the content you post. Respect the privacy of others by avoiding sharing images or videos that may compromise their personal space or comfort.

Report Concerns

If you witness any inappropriate use of photography or videography, or if you have concerns regarding privacy violations, please promptly report it to YMCA staff or management. We are dedicated to addressing such issues and maintaining a safe, inclusive environment for all.

By adhering to these etiquette guidelines, you contribute to fostering a welcoming and cohesive atmosphere within the Carlisle Family YMCA. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we prioritize the privacy and comfort of our members and guests.

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