Reservations Policies

PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the usual reservation system for the Racquetball and Handball Courts, we currently are requiring reservations in the pool and all group exercise classes through our website schedule.

  • Rec Swimming: Please note that there is a limit of 6 people per reservation slot. Reservations open 23 hours in advance and close 15 minutes after the start of each session.
  • Lap Swimming: We have a few open lanes for lap swimming that don’t require a reservation. During times when other activities are going on in the pool, open lanes may not be available. Check the pool schedule to see if there are any open lanes at the time you want to swim BEFORE coming to the Y. If there aren’t, you must still reserve a lane if you want to swim. Reservations open 23 hours in advance and close 15 minutes after the start of each session.
  • Water Exercise Classes: Reservations are required for all water exercise classes. Reservations open 48 hours in advance and close 15 minutes before the start of each class. Each class is limited to 20 people (7 in Aqua Yoga).
  • Reservations are required for all in-person and virtual group fitness classes.
  • Reservations can be made 48 hours in advance for in-person classes and 2 weeks in advance for virtual classes.
  • Space is limited to 25 people in most classes (21 for Les Mills BODYPUMPTM and 12 for all power cycling classes).
  • Court reservations can be made one week in advance. Please confirm your attendance upon arrival.
  • If you are unable to make you reserved time please call ahead. If we are not notified in advance, a court reservation that is not met within 10 minutes will be considered open.


A cancellation link can be found at the bottom of your confirmation email for the following reservations: 1) LAP SWIMMING, 2) REC SWIMMING, 3) IN-PERSON CLASSES AND 4) VIRTUAL CLASSES. If you need to cancel your spot and it is more than 1 hour before the start of the class or session, just click the link and follow the prompts so someone else can claim your spot.

Facility Hours

Mon – Fri
5am – 9pm

7am – 5pm

10am – 4pm

Pool Hours

Mon – Fri
5am – 8pm

7am – 4pm

10am – 3pm