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Y TalkInterval Training…Don’t Be Scared to Try It! by Jay Cattron

If you can burn the same amount – or more – calories in 30 minutes of interval training as you do with 1 hour of regular, steady state cardio or weight training with rest in between each set, why would you not try interval training?

Y TalkAdvancing Our Cause by Cate Mellen

When you join the Carlisle Family YMCA, you’re not just joining a gym. You’re helping us to strengthen our community from the inside out in so many different ways, each and every day.

Y TalkFocused on Community by Michelle Bell

When most people think of the Y they think of a place to work out or swim or somewhere to send their kids for summer camps. And the Y is that. But what I have learned since I started working here is that the Y isn’t just a place – it is a community of people working out together, swimming together, going to camp together and so much more.

Y TalkIt’s Not Just Camp by Kacey Sherman

Camp has taught me not only physical skills, but also leadership qualities, teamwork qualities and skills that not just anyone has.

Y NewsY Gift Cards: Give the Gift of Better Health!

We now have Y gift cards available for purchase!

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