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Y TalkCheck on the Extroverts in Your Life by Justin Rose

I encourage you to reflect on who you know to be an extrovert—the person who is struggling with the disconnect and lack of social interactions without the time or space for a social re-charge.

Y TalkMore Backyard Soccer Drills by Kelly Tyrrell

If your kids are willing to dedicate 30 minutes to training everyday, they will see improvements in their touches on the ball and their fitness level.

Y TalkLegumes by Brooke Wiseman

Shelf stable foods like beans, peas and lentils are great to keep in your pantry. Dried or canned, either option is a great way to add in low-cost foods that provide excellent nutrition to your diet.

Y TalkExtra Marbles and Other Quarantine Observations by Michelle Bell

But a gift COVID-19 brought with it was extra marbles. Yes, they are bittersweet, but I am choosing to see them as unexpected blessings.

Y TalkLeave Your Dog at Home Workout by Linda Henninger

Here’s a workout to do on your own—no dog, no kids, just you and your Fitbit.

Y TalkTuckey Town Challenge by Michelle Bell

The Tuckey Town Challenge is designed to get families moving, interacting in a variety of ways and having fun during their time at home. And it also helps to support our local businesses!

Y TalkNFL Play 60 by Nicholas Newcomer

Check out this great resource for you and your children to stay active and healthy during these difficult times of isolation.

Y TalkMeditation Message by Melissa Brehm

Enjoy this meditation from Group Exercise Instructor Melissa Brehm!

Y TalkThe 7-Minute Magical Workout by Cecelia Clippinger

Research says as little as 7 minutes makes a difference in your fitness level. Do these exercises for 30 seconds with a 10 second in between.

Y TalkFamily Word Workouts by Tara Young

Using Family Word Workouts is a great way to get everyone moving. Pick the same word or everyone can choose a word and then get your heart rate up when doing the exercises.

Y TalkFun At-Home Activities for Families by Brittany Kemp

At some point today in between the working from home, the dishes, the laundry and the coffee that never seems strong enough… stop to snuggle your little one. After the snuggling is done, try one of these fun activities!

Y TalkOutdoor Workout by Brooke Wiseman

Get outdoors and get moving! If you are able to safely run the trails, they can provide a great cardio and leg workout. However, if you are not up for running, take some breaks along your walk and mix in a few of these exercises for an added workout.

Y TalkYouth Soccer: Development from Your Own Home by Kelly Tyrrell

If you own a soccer ball and have kids who are willing to dedicate some of their free time to skill development and fitness, there is still a lot that can be accomplished during this time away from teammates, organized practices and games.

Y TalkHomebound Smoothie by Linda Henninger

Use your frozen fruits and veggies to create an awesome healthy immune boosting smoothie and let food be your medicine!

Y TalkHello Sunshine by Bipp and Calee Rose

The birds are chirping, and the sun is shining, let's try to incorporate 30 minutes of outside play today.

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