Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Tennis Elbow

Check out these tips to relieve pain and to prevent further injury.

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

Check out these stretches and exercises to help reduce hand numbness and tingling.

Y NewsSummer Camp Brochure Now Available!

We have a summer full of fun planned for all of our day and resident camps! Check out the brochure today!

Y NewsNew Private Swim Lessons Process

Learn about the new way to purchase and schedule Private & Semi-Private Swim Lessons beginning February 2!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Foot & Ankle Health Part 2

Watch to learn how toe yoga, toe curls & arch lifts can help relieve foot pain!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Foot & Ankle Health

Check out these exercises to improve ankle mobility!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Shoulder Health Part 2

Check out a few more exercises and stretches to help maintain your shoulder health!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday

Take care of your shoulders this holiday season with these stretches from Alex at Phoenix Physical Therapy!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Proper Body Mechanics

Check out how to hinge from your hips - not your back!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Lower Back & Hip Pain

Check out these stretches to help alleviate low back & hip pain!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Balance

With Trick-or-Treat right around the corner, here are a few ways to work on your balance to reduce risk of injury from uneven surfaces. Check it out!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Relieving Stress

Do you carry stress in your shoulders and neck? Check out these exercises to help relieve that stress.

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Building Resiliency for Pain

Alex from Phoenix Physical Therapy shares some ways to increase your pain tolerance in this edition of Workout Tip Wednesday. Check it out!

Y NewsWorkout Tip of the Week – Self-Care Tips

September is National Self-Care Awareness Month - a great time to talk about some self-care tips everyone should implement!

Y News2023-26 Board Nominations Announced

The Carlisle Family YMCA Board of Directors Board Development Committee presents the following nominees for approval at the September 2023 Board meeting.

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