Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Backpack Tips

Alex from Phoenix Physical Therapy has some tips to make sure your child's backpack is properly fitted to avoid permanent damage. Check it out!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Back to School Spinal Health Reminder

As kids are getting ready to go back to school, it's a great time to talk about posture!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Strength & Cardio

Get more bang for your buck by combining exercises that build strength and cardio endurance!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Improving Running Form

Check out these tips to increase efficiency and decrease your risk for injury!

Y NewsAnnual Maintenance Schedule Announced

Closures for Annual Maintenance projects begin August 14. Please check the schedule and plan accordingly.

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Stretching Your Nerves

Check out some stretches for the nerves in your arms and legs!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Spinal Mobility

Try these seated exercises to increase your spinal mobility.

Y NewsInBody Body Composition Analyzer is Here!

Step off the old school scale and hop onto InBody! This Body Composition Analyzer is yet another free perk of your Y membership. Learn how you can get started today!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Lower Back Mobility

Try these 3 exercises to increase mobility in your lower back.

Y TalkMake Youth Sports Work for Your Family!

Kids & teens need 60 minutes of activity every day and youth sports at the Y can help them get it!

Y TalkSix Tips to Keep in Mind for National Water Safety Month

Check out these water safety reminders for kids and caregivers - it could save a life!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Glute Strengthening Exercises

Strengthening your glutes can help with hip and low back pain.

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Osteoarthritis Tips

Check out the top 3 things you can do each morning to get through the stiffness caused by osteoarthritis.

Y TalkHeadline: Child Abuse Prevention Month | Listening and Responding to Children

It’s important that parents and caregivers know how to respond to boundary violations and warning signs if children tell you about abuse.

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Better Posture

Check out these exercises to strengthen the muscles needed to improve your posture.

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