Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Osteoarthritis Tips

Check out the top 3 things you can do each morning to get through the stiffness caused by osteoarthritis.

Y TalkHeadline: Child Abuse Prevention Month | Listening and Responding to Children

It’s important that parents and caregivers know how to respond to boundary violations and warning signs if children tell you about abuse.

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Better Posture

Check out these exercises to strengthen the muscles needed to improve your posture.

Y TalkChild Abuse Prevention Month | Talking with Your Children About Abuse

Check out these age-appropriate ways to talk to your child about boundaries and preventing abuse.

Y TalkChild Abuse Prevention Month | Recognizing Boundary Violations and Warning Signs

Here are some important tips for parents to know as we work together to keep kids safe from abuse.

Y TalkChild Abuse Prevention Month | Our YMCA Employee Code of Conduct

Staff and volunteers at Carlisle Family YMCA follow our Code of Conduct to ensure the safety of all children who come through our doors.

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday: Warm Up Before You Work Out

Learn some easy exercises to do to warm up your muscles before your workout.

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Different Kinds of Weakness

Learn how to distinguish routine muscle fatigue from other more serious causes of weakness.

Y News2023 Rally for the Y Final Update

Check out our record-breaking totals for the 2023 Rally for the Y!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Balance on a Bosu Ball

Sammy from Phoenix Physical Therapy demonstrates several exercises to improve your balance. Check it out!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Recognizing Red Flags

You should seek immediate medical attention if you experience any of these red flags while working out.

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Is It Muscle Soreness or an Injury?

Sammy from Phoenix Physical Therapy talks about the difference between routine soreness and injury.

Y NewsWorkout Tip of the Week – Postural Strengthening

Check out these stretches and exercises from Chris at Phoenix Physical Therapy that will help improve your posture!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Move Throughout Your Day

Check out these exercises from Sammy at Phoenix Physical Therapy!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Moving Backward

Justin from Phoenix Physical Therapy talks about how walking backwards helps with knee pain. Check it out!

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