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Y TalkInsights Into the College Recruiting Process: Where to Begin by Kelly Tyrrell

So many different college experiences are out there and your kids will benefit from exploring all of them. Your visits will help them develop a sense of what they value in a school before they make their final decision.

Y TalkA Different Kind of Resolution by Brittany Rose

Since I'm around not just Calee, but other youth and teens as well, I want to learn other ways I can teach kids be happy, creative, social and responsible.

Y Talk“Helper’s High” by Cate Mellen

Commit to supporting one new charitable organization in 2018—find a cause that most interests you, and find a way to be involved.

Y TalkShare the Health by Jay Cattron

Find a buddy who shares your New Year’s resolution. Don’t do it alone! Keep each other accountable! Stick to a schedule and don’t waiver!

Y TalkAssigned Resolutions by Justin Rose

I find that any type of goal setting can be effective at creating motivation, whether assigned or created. It is interesting that assigned goals create more motivation.

Y Talk‘Tis the Season of Giving by Cate Mellen

Organizations like the Carlisle Family YMCA have online pages to make donating quick and easy. One click, from the comfort of your own home, allows you to support your favorite charitable causes.

Y TalkHelping Hands by Kelly Tyrrell

What has impressed me the most about the Y staff is their willingness to help each other out and to work as a team to provide rewarding experiences to our members.

Y TalkMake Time for Reading by Brittany Nissley

Children that are exposed to books at a young age have better vocabulary, pay attention and concentrate better, have higher literacy and are better prepared for kindergarten.

Y TalkFall Family Fun by Brittany Rose

We are so blessed to have a large variety of local fruit stands, fall fests, craft shows, etc. in our neighboring communities.

Y TalkA Lesson from Our Founders by Cate Mellen

The issues that the Y faced in the late 19th century aren’t so very different from those we have faced so far in the 21st century.

Y TalkFunctional Fixedness by Justin Rose

As we work with objects, people or places in specific singular ways to complete tasks we begin to block our minds from realizing the full potential of those objects, people or places.

Y TalkVacation Days: Use Them Don’t Lose Them by Jay Cattron

We all work hard during the year. We all EARN our vacation days. We should all USE those vacation days.

Y TalkPrimed for Success by Justin Rose

Surrounding yourself with positive thoughts, words and actions is exactly what you need when you want the most out of yourself.

Y TalkThe Purge by Michelle Bell

Even if something tastes good for a moment, it’s just not worth feeling horrible for hours afterward.

Y TalkSummer Fun and Fitness by Jay Cattron

You do not need to spend an hour and a half in the gym (most of which is probably done working out your jaw or taking breaks) if you work out smarter and more efficient.

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