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Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Dual Task Exercise Training

Add dual-task exercises to your workout routine to help improve your balance, gait and to reduce fall risk.

Y NewsMeet Our Staff Monday – Ashley Willhide

Meet Group Exercise Instructor Ashley Willhide!

Y TalkOur Employee Code of Conduct

During Child Abuse Prevention Month, we wants to make sure all members understand our Employee Code of Conduct.

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Benefits of In-Person Group Fitness Classes

Personal Trainer Jim Mader talks about the benefits of in-person group fitness classes in this week's edition of Workout Tip Wednesday.

Y NewsMeet Our Staff Monday – Melissa Brehm

This week's Meet Our Staff Monday focus is Group Exercise Instructor Melissa Brehm!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Brain Health

One of the best ways to prevent Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia is to stay physically active. The Y can help you do just that!

Y NewsWeight Watchers Meets Here!

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with WW (formerly called Weight Watchers)! Workshops and weigh-ins will be held in our new Living Room beginning March 31!

Y NewsMeet Our Staff Monday – Megan Kane-Mangol

Meet Group Exercise Instructor Megan Kane-Mangol. Megan teaches ZUMBA, Barre and VeraFlow at the Y!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Benefits of Biking

Biking is a great workout that burns tons of calories. If you join our Expresso Rally for the Y team, you can rack up some miles on our Expresso Bikes in April.

Y NewsExpresso Bikes Make Exercise Interactive & Fun!

Check out this brief tutorial on our Expresso Bikes if you want to make your workout more engaging, fun and interactive! And then join the Rally for the Y Challenge so your rides earn free money for our Y!

Y NewsMeet Our Staff Monday – Kurt Kraus

For this week's Meet Our Staff Monday feature, meet Group Fitness Instructor Kurt Kraus!

Y NewsWorkout Tip Wednesday – Move Your Way

Physical activity can help you sleep better, focus better and feel better! Now is the time to come back to the Y to restart your fitness routine!

Y NewsMeet Our Staff Monday – Claudine Jackson

This week's Meet Our Staff Monday focus is Group Fitness Instructor Claudine Jackson!

Y NewsWednesday Workout Tip – Facts & Fears of Falls

Learn about the fact and fears of falls and how you can reduce your risk of falling in this week's Wednesday Workout Tip!

Y NewsMeet Our Staff Monday – Cecelia Clippinger

Group Exercise Instructor Cecelia Clippinger talks about intrinsic motivation in this week's installment of Meet Our Staff Monday!

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